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Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence is often the blanket term used to describe battery and other similar acts taken against extended family and friends. Such violence is criminalized in an attempt to protect vulnerable victims from dangerous types of domestic abuse. The St. Louis Domestic Violence Attorney is an organization that strives to provide legal representation to victims of domestic violence in the St. Louis area. The mission of this organization is to ensure that they have a voice in their struggle to secure a place in society, and to stand up for the rights of those who are abused by those who seek to benefit from such power. Check out their website at
to learn more about domestic violence and the rights of the abused.


Chris Matthees is a criminal defense law firm in St. Louis, Missouri. Mr. Matthees is a Certified Criminal Defense Lawyer who has provided legal counsel to hundreds of clients who were wrongfully accused of crimes ranging from minor traffic citations to major felonies. Mr. Matthees is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Law. He has also served time as a paralegal and as a clerk for a Judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County in Illinois. He is currently on the staff of the St. Louis Domestic Violence Attorney.


In many instances, a person who has been accused of domestic violence may face a number of criminal charges. Charges such as criminal cruelty, assault, criminal domestic abuse, robbery, drug possession, grand theft, drug manufacturing, and burglary can all be faced by someone who is accused of these offenses. Many times the most severe of charges will be sought only after the person has already been wrongfully accused of such crimes. In many cases, harsh penalties are applied to the person who is accused of these crimes. Charges such as these can lead to jail time, hefty fines, and in some cases, even harsher criminal penalties.


One of the first steps that any person who has been accused of such crimes should take is to retain a St. Louis domestic violence attorney. These legal professionals are not concerned with the severity of the charge against the defendant, but instead are interested in protecting the rights of their client. A St. Louis attorney will review the case files in order to determine if there are grounds for a case. If such a determination is made, the attorney will then evaluate whether or not the charges have been properly brought against the defendant. If such a determination is made, the St. Louis Domestic Violence Attorney will then discuss the options that are available to the accused.


In the St. Louis domestic violence attorney’s opinion, it is always best if charges which have been filed against a person are approved by the circuit court in order to ensure that the charges are appropriately filed. It is important that an appropriate resolution is reached so that the case does not fall into disrepute. Even when the case does proceed to trial, the St. Louis attorney will often offer their best possible results.


Many people in the St. Louis area have been accused of domestic related crimes. Many times, these individuals remain employed in order to avoid being permanently laid off from their job. St. Louis domestic lawyers can be the key to getting justice for their clients and can also provide an experienced advocate during the often complex proceedings. When you are faced with a St. Louis domestic related charge, your best interests are served by speaking with an experienced attorney who will discuss your options with you and explore every possible route that may be open to you.